Article: Stop Throwing Away Overripe Bananas And Make These Chocolatey Peanut Butter Banana Brownies

Stop Throwing Away Overripe Bananas And Make These Chocolatey Peanut Butter Banana Brownies

A recipe I will try to remember when my bananas go bad.


Jean and Lee Kitchen Review

Hello Everyone. This is my first blog post on ChanChanFoodies. This blog was originally my sister’s food blog and since I didn’t want to create another food blog, I decided to join my sister in writing in her food blog. We are based in the Quincy area which is 10-15 minutes away from Boston.

We used to eat out in Chinatown a lot but due to the rise in the number of cafes, chinese restaurants, chain restaurants, supermarkets where we live, coupled with the difficulties in finding a parking spot out in Boston, we rarely go out to Boston anymore.

I basically write these food blogs to remind myself what is good or bad at a specific restaurant so that I don’t try the same dish again and if I loved the dish, to order it again. There are still lots of restaurants I haven’t tried so there’s no need to repeat eating at dish if it doesn’t taste awesome.

So onto the first restaurant review of this blog.

This is my first time at Jean and Lee Kitchen (珠媽廚房) (January 2016) and it’s not too far from where I live. We went on a Sunday night and their two floored restaurant only had a couple tables occupied. They have a private parking lot and we had no trouble getting a spot but if this place gets busy, the parking lot can be easily filled.

My cousin reserved a table and we were given a nice private area. It wasn’t a private room but it was a nice sectioned off area and we felt utterly special to be given an area to ourselves.

What I love most about this restaurant is their warm family atmosphere. We didn’t realize when we sat down but when my cousins came with their children, we found out that children had a special plate and it looked really cute. I think the kids also liked it too. This is the first time that I’ve been to a restaurant where they provide children with their own plate.

Their Chinese name for this restaurant 珠媽廚房 literally means Mother Chu’s Kitchen. I think their Chinese name gives off a warm atmosphere where you feel like you’re eating at your mother’s house and the children’s plate goes with that theme.

While we were waiting for my cousins to arrive, they gave us two complimentary snacks: peanuts and pickled cabbage. I didn’t taste either of them but my mother and cousin all agreed that the peanuts were delicious and tasted homemade. The peanuts are definitely far superior to the ones you would find canned at your local supermarket.

So now onto the actual food review. I am including the chinese names of the dishes because often times I have trouble trying to figure out what the dish is when I see the english translation of it.

The first dish that came out was smoked fish (煣魚)♥♥. Immediately after ordering, I went to the bathroom and when I came out, my sister already finished trying out the fish. This dish came out fast and that’s because it is served cold. It’s slightly sweet and had lots of meat. But beware, if you have children make sure to separate the bones first because it had a lot of bones. I am not much of a sweet tooth and prefer salty foods over sweet ones. I think I would have appreciated this dish more if I had this dish in the summer.

Pork Bellies with Preserved Vegetables in Brown Sauce (梅菜扣肉) ♥♥♥. Pork Bellies are best with the perfect proportion of meat to a layer of fat. Too much fat and it will be too greasy; too much meat and it will be too dry. So if you are on a diet, you can skip this dish because the fatty part is the essence of this dish. Jean and Lee Kitchen had the perfect ratio of meat to fat however, they cooked the meat too hard which is a deal breaker. On the bright side, this dish isn’t too salty like some other places and pairs nicely with white rice.

We got two pancakes: one with Oyster and one with Shrimp (蝦或蚵仔煎) ♥♥♥♥. What I like about the pancakes is that it is made with eggs and not the gelatin/cornstarch mixture that Taiwan Cafe and Gourmet Dumpling makes it in. I think it’s just preference, some like their pancakes in a gelatin base while others, like me, prefer the egg base. Out of the two pancakes I’ve tried, I would choose the shrimp pancake over the oyster one because the shrimps were cooked perfectly giving a nice texture when you bite into it. It’s not that the oyster pancakes were bad but my mother makes better oyster pancakes at home and we could barely taste the oyster in the pancake at the restaurant. However if you’ve never tried oyster pancakes before, definitely give it a try because it’s better than any other Taiwanese restaurants that I’ve tried in Boston.

I can only give Pan Fried Daikon Cake (蘿蔔糕) one ♥ because you can go to any dimsum place and get better tasting pan fried daikon patty than here. The ones at dimsum restaurants usually have more filling like cilantro and chinese sausage added in while taiwanese restaurants typically only have plain daikon in their daikon patty. Among the plain daikon cakes that I’ve tried, Chung Shing Yuan has the best ones that’s ultra crispy, melts in your mouth and has the perfect sweet and spicy dipping sauce to go with it. However it’s crispy because they deep dry them and it’s not pan fried.

The smelly tofu (臭豆腐) ♥♥♥ is slightly too hard at the corners and aren’t as light fluffly as the ones I ate from the street carts in Hong Kong. It’s one of those snacks where you either like it or hate it. I don’t crave it, but I don’t hate it either. The smelly tofu here isn’t as stinky as Jo Jo Taipei’s smelly tofu so if you have a sensitive nose try it here.

The Beef Shank and Tripe in Chili Sauce (夫妻肺片) ♥♥♥♥♥ has the perfect level of spiciness for me. FYI I can eat spicy food however, I don’t think this is too spicy but if you’re one of those that can’t eat any spicy food, skip this one. This dish is served cold and it contains the perfect amount of spice and seasoning. This is one of the best dish that I’ve tried for the night. I like this more than Shangri-La‘s version because the pieces are sliced slightly wider and has more spices while Shangri-La’s version only tastes peppery.

We decided to try the Salt and Pepper Fried Chicken (鹹酥雞) ♥♥♥ because it had a unique chinese name for the dish. However after tasting it, it was just ordinary salt and pepper fried chicken that you can get at any other chinese restaurant.

Every single time we visit a taiwanese restaurant we would always order the Pan Fried Pork Dumplings (台式鍋貼)♥♥♥♥♥. The ones made at Jean and Lee Kitchen has the thinnest outer skin I’ve seen in my entire life. As for the inside meat, it’s nice, juicy, and well seasoned and that’s all I care about.

Out of all the sweet and sour dishes we tried the Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet (糖醋魚片) ♥♥♥ was my favorite. These fish fillet don’t have a single drop of batter so all you eat is fish.

We ordered two rice dishes and they came in ginormous portions that can serve 3 and more people. We had the Fried Pork Chop Over Rice (排骨飯) ♥♥♥ and the Fried White Meat Chicken Over Rice (雞排飯). I was delighted to find diced pork bellies underneath the layer of fried pork chops and that aspect alone gave this dish an extra star. I was most excited to try this dish because it’s rare to find this dish in my area. The fried pork chops were crispy but not oily however, it was on the drier end. The thing I abhor the most when I eat cutlet dishes is that the cutlet is too dry and coupled with the blandness of the overall dish, I didn’t like this dish at all. If they added a tad more sauce, it would have been better. I would have given this dish a two star but because of the large portion, grease-less cutlet, and the surprise diced pork bellies, I gave this a 3 star. I didn’t attempt to try the fried white chicken meat over rice because usually the chicken dish is always drier than pork dishes. My all-time-favorite place for fried pork chop over rice is still Taiwan Cafe in Chinatown. The portion is smaller and greasier than Jean and Lee but more flavorful. Taiwan Cafe is the reason why I yearn for this dish and I have yet to find another place that makes this dish better.

I read yelp reviews before deciding which dishes to choose. Many people said that they received horrible service at this restaurant. I didn’t feel that way at all. We were greeted immediately upon entering the restaurant and was brought upstairs to our reserved table. Our table was fully set up- even the high chairs were set up for us before we arrived. There were three to four waiters that consistently checked up on us from time to time. But I do have to say that it was quiet night and I don’t know if the service would be the same if it was busier.

Overall I wasn’t too happy with a majority of the dishes. For the entire dinner, I only liked the Shrimp Pancakes, the Beef Shank and Tripe in Chili Sauce and the Pan Fried Pork Dumplings while the rest of the dishes were either average or below average. Taiwanese restaurants that are good are a scarcity in my area and although there are a couple dishes that are good, I don’t think I will be returning to Jean and Lee Kitchen since the Taiwanese food that I crave for aren’t the best here. However, if you can’t get to a good taiwanese restaurant since most only open during brunch hours on Saturday and Sunday, this is a nice alternative where you can get easy parking spots and lots of space for your family.

In Conclusion:

Jean and Lee Kitchen ♥♥♥

If you want Taiwanese food, Jean and Lee Kitchen gives you authentic Taiwanese food with a ton of variety and options. However I only enjoyed a few of the dishes ( Shrimp Pancakes, Beef Shank and Tripe in Chili Sauce and Pan Fried Pork Dumplings) and those dishes aren’t captivating enough to persuade me to give them a second try.

There are much better tasting Taiwanese Cuisine scattered around Boston and I would much rather visit them instead.

Thanks For Reading,

Let me know what you thought about this restaurant or if you have a taiwanese restaurant you would recommend below.


Typical food days

Hello and welcome back!

As I am currently obsessed with writing and starting a blog, here is my second post!

A Typical Food Day

A typical food day of mine is the following: going to dim sum with my parents. I don’t usually eat much when we go to get dim sum. Typical dim sum goers probably already know this, but we simply just do not eat much when we go. Dim sum are small, little plates of asian cuisine, such as having four steamed dumplings. For first timers, getting dim sum could be a bit overwhelming with the choices available, ranging from all kinds of food (fried, steamed, etc.) but after a while, you’ll get the hang of it!

My parents and I go so often that I get kind of sick of eating the same food. We get kind of picky with our choices because we know what we like to eat and as a result, we constantly going back for the same plates.
This usually covers our brunch!

Do you and your family have a typical meal?

Taken from Google images
Typical variety of dim sum foods

Yummy in the Tummy

People eat constantly everyday, whether they are healthy foods are not, foods are foods. Foods are essential to survival. As an accumulation of everything I eat, I have decided to start a food blog and keep a track of foods that I eat.
This is not me making a commitment to constantly keep track of every meal that I consume, but more of a place to keep track of the pictures taken of foods that I consume.
My mother gets sorta annoyed that “people my generation” takes pictures of foods before we eat it. In her words, “camera eats first.” I don’t blame her, but it somehow convinced me to start a blog of all the places and foods I eat.


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